Recently Published Papers


  • “How Debit Cards Enable the Poor to Save More” (2021), Journal of Finance, by Pierre Bacchus, Paul Gertler, Sean Higgins & Enrique Seira
  • “Air Conditioning and Inequality” (2021), Global Environmental Change, by Lucas Davis, Paul Gertler, Stephen Jarvis & Catherine Wolfram
  • “Aspiration Adaptation in Resource-Constrained Environments” (2021), Journal of Urban Economics, by Sebastian Galiani, Paul Gertler & Raimundo Undurraga


  • “Living Up to Expectations: How Vocational Education Made Women Better Off But Left Men Behind” (2020), Labour Economics, by Paloma Acevedo, Guillermo Cruces, Paul Gertler & Sebastian Martinez
  • “The Effects of Non-Contributory Pensions on Material and Subjective Well Being” (2020), Economic Development and Cultural Change, by Rosangela Bando, Sebastian Galiani & Paul Gertler
  • “Heat Exposure and Global Air Conditioning” (2020), Nature Sustainability, by Lucas Davis, Stephen Jarvis, Paul Gertler & Catherine Wolfram


  • “Long-Run Effects of Temporary Incentives on Medical Care Productivity” (2019), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, by Pablo Celhay, Paul Gertler, Paula Giovagnoli & Christel Vermeersch
  • “Who benefits From Disease Management: Improving Targeting Efficiency” (2019), Health Economics, by Timothy Simcoe, Maryaline Catillon & Paul Gertler

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