PHDBA 259S-1, MORS Colloquium, Professor Dana Carney. Cheit 320, Tuesdays from 12:30-2:00 pm (* unless otherwise noted)

Jan. 13*
Daniel Malter
University of Maryland
“On the causality, cause, and consequence of returns to organizational status: Evidence from the grands crus classés of the Médoc.”
Jan. 20*
Andreea Gorbatai
Harvard University
“Aligning collective production with demand: Evidence from Wikipedia.”
Jan. 24 Balazs Kovacs
University of Lugano (Switzerland)
“Contrasting alternative explanations for the negative effects of category spanning: A study of restaurant reviews and menus in San Francisco.”
Jan. 27*
Jiao Luo
Columbia Business School
“Air Trade: Cultural Values, Norms and Firm Participation in Morally Contested Markets.”
Feb. 7 No Colloquium
Feb. 15*
Duncan Watts
“Collaborative Problem Solving in Networks.”
Feb. 21 TBA
Feb. 28 TBA
Mar. 6 James Knitts
Columbia University
“Group Processes, Social Norms, and Local Network Dynamics.”
Mar. 13 Giacomo Negro
Goizueta Business School
Emery University
“Contender Groups, Commercial Organizations, and Public Policy: The Enactment of LGBT Non-Discrimination Policies in Local Governments in the U.S., 1972-2008.”
Mar. 20 Eli Finkel
Northwestern University
“Grading the Online Dating Industry.”
Mar. 22*
Emilio J. Castilla
MIT Sloan
“Accounting for the Gap: A Firm Study Manipulating Organizational Accountability in Pay Decisions.”
Mar. 27 Spring Break—No Colloquium
Apr. 3 Todd Rogers
Harvard Kennedy School of Government
“A Behavioral Approach to Election Participation.”
Apr. 10 Brian Nosek
University of Virginia
“Scientific Utopia: A Radical View.”
Apr. 17 Cindy Pickett
University of California, Davis
“We’re Number One!: Identifying the Antecedents of Collective Pride.”
Apr. 24 Jessica Kennedy
MORS PhD Student
“Power and Dissent: Implications for Ethics in Organizations.”
May 1 No Colloquium
May 8 Laurie Santos
Yale University
“The Evolution of Irrationality: Insights from Monkeys”
May 15 Fiona Kun Yao
MORS PhD Student
“Status and Collective Deviance: Stock Option Exercise of Chinese Firms in OVerseas Stock Markets”
Bernadette Doerr
MORS PhD Student