There are many ways to get involved with the Energy Institute. Whether you are a student, a sponsor, or a potential collaborator – we encourage you to browse through our resources, and keep up with the latest content on sustainable energy.


The Energy Institute relies on gifts, grants, and endowments to support our work and programs. Your individual donation will help support the energy policy research and education that the Energy Institute provides. Unbiased, data-driven analyses of today’s critical energy issues is more important now than ever. Your contributions support:

  • Support graduate student researchers who work alongside Energy Institute faculty to tackle energy and climate challenges.
  • Communicate with policymakers, industry leaders, and the media, sharing objective analyses of critical energy policy issues to increase the effectiveness of energy and climate policy.
  • Train and mentor the next generation of energy researchers and industry professionals.


The Energy Institute aims to generate research that matters to businesses and policymakers. We depend on strong, highly diverse collaborations with business, government and non-profit organizations. Understanding real-world experiences and problem definitions is critical to ensure the impact of our work. If your organization is interested in engaging with the Energy Institute as a collaborative partner or funder contact [email protected].

Join the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative

The Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) is a student-led organization bringing together students and community members interested in all aspects of energy and resources. BERC’s mission is to connect, educate and engage students in order to foster innovation and action. BERC is open to any and all interested in joining. Joining BERC simply means that you would like to receive mail from them, which can be the weekly Dispatch (primarily upcoming events), the quarterly newsletter (primarily past events), or both.