The Energy Institute typically holds its one-day POWER conference on energy research and policy in Berkeley every March. POWER brings together outstanding scholars and policy and business professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and discuss research results on energy markets and regulation.

2022 POWER Conference

  • The Value of Infrastructure and Market Integration: Evidence from Renewable Expansion in Chile
  • Decomposing the Effect of Renewables on the Electricity Sector
  • Start-up Costs and Market Power: Lessons from the Renewable Energy Transition
  • Aftershock: Market Power in Alberta’s Electricity Market 20 Years After Restructuring
  • Technology Transitions and Timing of Environmental Policy: Evidence from Efficient Lighting
  • Restructuring the Rate Base
  • Let’s Get Organized! Long-Term Market Design for a High Penetration Grid
  • Private Risk and Social Resilience in Liberalized Electricity Markets

2021 POWER Conference

  • Spillovers from Ancillary Services to Wholesale Power Markets: Implications for Climate Policy
  • Why are Marginal CO2 Emissions Increasing for U.S. Electricity? Estimates and Implications for Climate Policy
  • Low Energy: Estimating Electric Vehicle Electricity Use
  • What Matters for Electrification? Evidence from 70 Years of U.S. Home Heating Choices
  • Decomposing the Wedge Between Projected and Realized Returns in Energy Efficiency Programs
  • The Economic Costs of NIMBYism: Evidence from Renewable Energy Projects
  • Designing Electricity Rates for An Equitable Energy Transition
  • The Incidence of Extreme Economic Stress: Evidence from Utility Disconnections

2020 POWER Conference

  • Cost-effective Decarbonization of California‚Äôs Power Sector by 2030 with the Aid of Battery Storage

  • Simplified Electricity Market Models with Significant Intermittent Renewable Capacity: Evidence from Italy

  • Effects of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Disclosure in Housing Markets

  • Using Machine Learning to Better Target Energy Conservation

  • Do Households Understand Electricity Prices?

  • Reforming Inefficient Energy Pricing: Evidence from China

  • Inequality, Information Failures, and Air Pollution