Here’s Why So Many Republicans Won’t Buy EVs

May 7, 2024

The Washington Post

The Washington Post highlights study by Faculty Affiliate, Lucas Davis, on the expansion of electric vehicle options and sales, although its distribution to the Democratic population remains consistent.

“‘There’s an incredible correlation with political ideology,’ said Lucas Davis, a professor of business and technology at the University of California at Berkeley and the lead author on the analysis…During the 10 years of the study, Davis pointed out, the electric vehicle market swelled from just a few all-electric models to dozens, with annual sales growing from around 50,000 EVs to 750,000. But the proportion of those vehicles going to Democratic counties stayed nearly constant. ‘It’s incredibly consistent across time,’ Davis said…There are other possible explanations, he cautioned: For example, buyers in counties with a higher EV share could notice electric cars more, and ultimately consider buying one themselves.”