‘It’s Crazy’: How Soaring PG&E Rates are impacting California’s Electric Car Owners – March 11, 2024

San Francisco Chronicle

Energy Institute Faculty Director, Severin Borenstein, comments in the San Francisco Chronicle on the impact of rising electricity prices on the cost of maintaining, repairing, and fueling electric cars.

“A new electric car costs about $2,039 more on average than a conventional gas-powered car as of January, according to a Cox Automotive study. But e-vehicles have lower costs to maintain, repair and fuel up. Rising electricity prices run the risk of scaring potential new owners concerned about their bills, said Severin Borenstein, an economist and professor at UC Berkeley’s Energy Institute at Haas. ‘We’re discouraging people from doing something we really need them to do,” Borenstein said.’ “

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Photo: sfchronicle.com