We offer a variety of programs for executives to collaborate with our faculty and PhD students in conducting research, sharing data, creating and testing new insights and ideas with students, engaging with forward-thinking industry peers, and pursuing lifelong education

Corporate Innovation

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation offers a series of programs to enable forward-thinking executives to create and advance new solutions to corporate business challenges. We engage with respected executives and academics to share experiences and challenges surrounding business model innovation, open innovation strategies, the application of startup models in a corporate context, and emerging ideas such as collaboration among competitors.

Business Analytics

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics seeks to facilitate collaboration with industry through research and education. Executives may partner with Haas faculty and students around the exploratory analysis of data or through a deep, data-driven investigation of specific research questions.


The Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program relies on the ongoing affiliations with company partners, including venture capital firms, law firms, and startups. Participation in the Berkeley entrepreneurial ecosystem and sponsoring events provide companies with a linkage to a world-class institution in the heart of Silicon Valley that is producing some of the brightest startup minds.

Applied Design Thinking

The Innovation, Creativity, and Design Practice (ICDP) is at the core of Berkeley’s leadership in human-centered and design-thinking based approaches to innovation. ICDP develops hands-on innovation, creativity, and design thinking skills and methods to lead change.

Organizational Culture

The Berkeley Haas Culture Center serves as a bridge between scholars and industry practitioners, connecting organizational leaders to real-world data that can deepen our understanding and ability to translate these insights into practical guidance. Through events such as our annual Berkeley Haas Culture Conference, we partner with thought leaders from industry and academia, who are pioneering innovative approaches to building and sustaining strong organizational cultures, to foster meaningful conversation between the worlds of industry practice and academic research on culture-related challenges.

Center for Growth Markets

The Center helps global and emerging market businesses to understand the challenges and opportunities in growth markets. It collaborates on testing innovative solutions – both tech enabled ones such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and social solutions that build new markets and pilot innovative goods and services.

CGM’s invite-only events bring academic, policy and business leaders together to brainstorm on the solutions the challenges growth markets face today and will face tomorrow.