Fall 2018

August 27 Michael O’Donnell (UC Berkeley)
“Preference Reversals in Willingness to Pay and Choice”
September 10 Eddie Ning (UC Berkeley)
September 17 Avner Shlain (UC Berkeley)
September 24 Brad Larsen (Standford Department of Economics)
October 1 Miklos Sarvary (Columbia Business School)
October 8 Ian Krajbich (Ohio State, Psychology Department)
October 15 Zhihao Zhang (UC Berkeley)
October 22 Stephanie Tully (University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business)
October 29
Oeystein Daljord
(University of Chicago, Booth School of Business)
November 5 Joachim Vosgerau (Bocconi University, Marketing Department)
November 19 Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia Business School)
November 26 Jeffry Simpson (University of Minnesota, Psychology Department)
December 3 Hema Yoganarasimhan (University of Washington, Foster School of Business)



Spring 2018

January 29 Don Moore (Haas School of Business, Management of Organizations)
The Epistemology of Overconfidence: On the Difficulty of Being Both Wrong and Knowing It
February 12 Sarah Moshary (Penn Economics)
“Market Structure and Product Variety: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Liquor Licensure “
February 26 Ming Hsu (Haas School of Business, Marketing)
“Understanding Human Sociality: From Brain to Behavior to Society “
March 5 Rabah Amir (The University of Iowa)
“On Oligopoly with Positive Network Effects “
March 19 Alex Rees-Jones (Wharton)

“A Tax Law is a Nudge “

April 2 Yiangos Papanastaseou ( Haas School of Business, Operations and Information Technology Management)

“Fake News Propagation and Detection”

April 9 Jeff Sherman (UC Davis)

“Category and Context Differentiation: Implications for Attitude Formation and Change”

April 16 Seenu Srinivasan (Stanford)

“It isn’t 4 P’s, It’s Two Double P’s! Why Should Product & Price Precede Promotion & Place in New Product Marketing?”

April 23
Donna Hoffman 
(The George Washington School of Business)