Academic Program

The Berkeley Haas PhD Program offers eight fields of academic study, for a curriculum of unusual richness and breadth. Since the program enrolls only 14 to 16 new PhD students each year, you work very closely with the faculty members in their chosen specialties. This strong partnership, combined with the high intellectual caliber and diverse academic and cultural backgrounds of PhD students, creates an atmosphere of close cooperation and intellectual excitement.

Field of Study

The Berkeley Haas PhD Program is strongly oriented toward discipline and research. Emphasis is placed on preparing you to evaluate the state of knowledge in your particular field and to advance it through the application of theory from the social sciences, mathematics, or statistics.

Upon applying to the program, you are required to choose a field of study, which will not only determine your coursework but also your future employment opportunities. You may choose from the following fields:


Instruction in the program is separated into three general phases. The first encompasses formal coursework in basic and advanced subjects and generally requires two years. The second and third phases together usually require two to three years for completion. In addition to coursework, students are normally expected to serve as either teaching or research assistants for one or more semesters.