Why Berkeley Haas

At the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, we believe it is new ideas put to work that will advance well-being in the world. It is new ideas put to work that are the root source of business advantage and success. And it is new ideas put to work, in every corner and every function of our organizations, that our future leaders need to deliver. Because of our ideal location, our forward-thinking faculty, and the types of outgoing and collaborative students we attract, we have long had a unique culture conducive to developing cutting-edge leaders and thinkers.

Making a Difference in the World of Ideas

In the Berkeley Haas PhD Program, you cultivate an innovative set of skills that will make you a distinctive researcher and educator. You will discover how to challenge conventional wisdom, pushing the boundaries of current thought to open new avenues of knowledge and understanding.

You set this expansion in motion by leveraging the reputation and resources of one of the world’s best research universities — UC Berkeley. You will partner with some of the best minds in business theory as you are educated in a rigorous program offering depth, far-reaching opportunities, and a world-class reputation. Later, as a Haas alumnus, you will benefit from the experience and connections of a faculty composed of today’s leaders in business scholarship and education.

Unique Berkeley Haas Culture

As part of a world-renowned university, we are inspired and expected to achieve excellence in all that we do. Differences in thought, too, are a Berkeley hallmark—our broad mix of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives has always led to more creative outcomes.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Berkeley Haas DEI Strategic Plan 2021-2026 was designed to be inclusive of all of our constituencies; focused on increasing representation, building DEI skills, and cultivating a climate of belonging. We’re committed to becoming a top business school at equipping students, faculty, staff, and alumni to lead in a diverse world.

Defining Leadership Principles

For the Haas School, there are four Defining Leadership Principles that, taken together, sharply define us relative to our peers.