Adriana Macias; Digital Media and Program Manager with the Institute for Business Innovation: At the latest Berkeley Innovation Forum, Adriana demonstrated exemplary leadership and innovation in event management. As the organizer, she introduced a novel approach, efficiently coordinating the IBI staff and student workers through a comprehensive task list and playbook to successfully handle the intricate logistics of a highly complex offsite event. This remarkable four-day program involved six distinct company site visits. Notably, Adriana’s dedication to fostering inclusivity was evident, as she advocated for greater diversity among speakers and guests, ensuring a richer and more diverse range of perspectives in the forum’s discussions. Her contributions played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success, promoting collaboration between corporate partners and academics to address their innovation challenges.


Alexandra Wong; Assistant Director, Campaign and Event Marketing with DAR: Alexandra’s exceptional dedication to collaboration, goal attainment, inclusivity, innovation, and job mastery has consistently shone through, aligning perfectly with the essential UC Achieve Together principles. Her exemplary skills were prominently evident during the major Reunion Weekend and Alumni Conference, where she displayed a proactive and cooperative demeanor, embracing diverse perspectives to enhance the success of her work. Alexandra’s remarkable inclusivity was evident when she voluntarily extended her assistance to the LavCal Luncheon’s marketing aspects, going beyond her official responsibilities to support diverse initiatives. Through her effective communication, she ensured the entire team remained informed and engaged, resulting in seamless project progression. Alexandra’s invaluable contributions have significantly enriched the team, elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of the collective output.


Jan Tristan Gaspi; Financial Services Analyst with the Institute for Business Innovation: Taking the initiative and fostering collaboration, Jan spearheaded a significant project aimed at researching and proposing project pilots for the Center for Growth Markets’ collaboration with the State of Meghalaya in India. The primary objective of the project was to explore and test viable business models that could stimulate economic development in rural areas, particularly among tribal communities in the region. With partial funding from both the government of Meghalaya and a generous $1 million donation from a dedicated donor, the project held immense potential for positive impact. Thanks to Jan’s exceptional leadership and dedication, one of the proposed projects is on the verge of being piloted in a rural village within Meghalaya, offering hope and opportunities for economic growth and progress in the area.


Juliana Bradley; Faculty Assistant in the Faculty Support Unit: Juliana is the recipient of two spot awards this month!

First Award: Juliana has proven to be an invaluable asset to her colleagues and the Haas community, consistently going above and beyond to provide tremendous help and support. Her dedication and efficiency have saved both time and effort for the organization, enhancing the overall success of her team. Through her timely communication and problem-solving abilities, Juliana ensures smooth operations during teaching terms and tackles challenges with ease. Her exceptional skills were particularly evident when she took charge of promptly scheduling interviews for PhD candidates, adapting to last-minute format changes and coordinating seamlessly with faculty and students. Moreover, during a demanding semester of intense teaching and research, Juliana’s responsiveness and reliability came to the fore when she promptly printed essential materials for classes, ensuring the instructor had everything needed for successful sessions.

Second Award: Juliana’s job mastery since joining the team has been evident in her unwavering dedication to supporting faculty members. Remarkably, she efficiently manages the responsibilities for two distinct groups, skillfully toggling between various tasks, tendencies, and events unique to each. In addition, Juliana’s innovative approach has brought about positive changes to the team’s processes. Introducing a monthly Newsletter for her faculty, she thoughtfully consolidates updates on new policies, upcoming group events, and other valuable information into one neatly formatted page. This forward-thinking approach is especially commendable as it breaks free from the routine and establishes a more efficient and engaging means of communication with the faculty. Juliana’s contributions enhance the overall effectiveness of the team.


Kelsey Robinson; Assistant Director for International Students with the MBA Career Management Group: Kelsey’s dedication to fostering a supportive student experience at CMG shone brightly when she went above and beyond to assist a struggling student during a challenging time. The student was facing difficulties securing a paid summer internship, causing great distress due to financial uncertainties. While Kelsey could have provided standard resources and guidance, she demonstrated exceptional empathy and compassion. Taking the extra effort, she wrote back to the student with a heartfelt message, assuring her of CMG’s commitment to support her throughout the search process. Kelsey’s genuine care and ongoing commitment left a profound impact on the student, who felt truly seen and supported. The student expressed gratitude for CMG’s consistent and unexpected level of support, building a foundation of trust between staff and students. Kelsey’s dedication to going the extra mile exemplifies the team’s mission and the University’s goals.


Lizzy Hazard; Marketing Operations Manager with Program Marketing: Throughout her extensive tenure at Berkeley Haas, where she held various roles in Admissions and Marketing, Lizzy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience that she seamlessly carries with her through each role. Her commitment to going above and beyond, coaching, and guiding others is a testament to her selflessness and dedication to contributing to their success. Notably, during November 2022 to March 2023, Lizzy played a pivotal role in onboarding a newly promoted team member by regularly meeting with her to transfer essential knowledge and providing reference materials. Unintentionally, this approach also led to the creation of a successful knowledge-transfer model used by that team member when onboarding another new team member. Lizzy’s exceptional contributions and impact have undeniably made her an invaluable asset to her team.


Nasrin Saifi; Faculty Operations Assistant with the Faculty Support Unit: Nasrin has garnered appreciation from her peers for her knowledge and data-driven decision-making skills, which significantly influence various aspects of the institution. Nasrin’s willingness to share information and welcome input from others further highlights her collaborative and open-minded approach. Her support and guidance have been instrumental in helping colleagues navigate through the complexities of UC’s bureaucracy. Nasrin provided detailed and useful information, guiding faculty members through a reimbursement process with promptness and efficiency, demonstrating her reliability and dedication. Her contributions and actions exemplify the essence of excellence and collaboration, making Nasrin a true asset to Haas.


Natalie Brain; MBA Career Coach with the MBA Career Management Group: In response to the CMG staff’s aspiration to better understand and define their individual and collective strengths, Natalie stepped forward as a dedicated volunteer to lead a comprehensive staff-wide training. With remarkable skill and dedication, she facilitated a workshop that addressed the identification of overused and underused strengths and the effective utilization of complementary strengths to enhance project work. To ensure the workshop’s success, Natalie collaborated with other key staff members, enlisting their expertise to set up the session appropriately and provide valuable resources. Her exceptional effort and commitment to the team’s benefit have left a lasting impact, as the data surfaced from the training will empower the staff to approach projects more strategically and even assess team needs during the hiring process. The CMG team is deeply grateful for Natalie’s contributions, which have fostered a stronger, well-balanced, and more effective collective.


Sarah Danziger; Events Manager with the MBA Career Management Group: In her role as Events Manager, Sarah has mastered the art of thoughtful planning, as evidenced by her recent “mico-mixer” event. Demonstrating remarkable foresight and attention to detail, she went the extra mile by assembling a Wellness First-Aid kit for the attendees. When asked about this thoughtful addition, Sarah provided insightful reasons that hadn’t been previously considered. This thoughtful and wise gesture left a lasting impression on the students, who greatly appreciated having access to these wellness offerings during the event. Sarah’s effort and ingenuity have not only impressed the attendees but have also inspired the team to adopt similar practices for future events, reflecting her exceptional contributions as an Events Manager.

Tracy Machle; Employer Relations Project Manager with the MBA Career Management Group: Tracy’s innovative and proactive approach to the PRO process at CMG has yielded exceptional results in enhancing Haas’ rankings. With the number of jobs secured by FTMBA students within three months of graduation being a crucial factor in the rankings, Tracy’s contributions have been instrumental. Going beyond the traditional approach, she has tapped into the power of the alumni network, actively reaching out to them to source job opportunities for postgraduate students. Leveraging the data collected in CMG BEARS, Tracy thoughtfully crafts messages to engage students who are still seeking employment, effectively sharing the available opportunities. This method has fostered a highly effective and engaging environment for both students and alumni, deepening the trust and confidence they have in CMG and the alumni network. Tracy’s collaborative spirit has further enriched the process, as she actively connects with coaches to understand student needs better, strategically tailoring offerings from alumni. As a result of her efforts, students are re-engaging with CMG, leading to successful interviews with companies where Haas alumni work. Tracy’s can-do and proactive approach has been a valuable asset to the team, fostering a beautiful win-win scenario for all involved.

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