Haas Digital Workshops

Thank you to the 350 attendees who participated in our summer workshops! Now that the fall semester has started, we are reducing our offerings to one per day, all offered at noon. You can also schedule a 1:1 consultation with us any day of the week.

  • 201 Advanced Zoom: for those who taught in the Spring semester on Zoom, looking to enhance their synchronous experience [Fridays]
  • *New* 202 Zoom Breakout Rooms: for those who want to foster smaller discussions or project work in virtual sessions [bimonthly, Thursdays]
  • 301 Flipping Your Course: for those who want to get started with asynchronous content [Wednesdays]
  • 401 EdTech Explorer: for those who want to explore new and engaging tech tools, particularly to enhance experiential or project-based classes [Tuesdays]


From ideation to design to delivery, each and every member of the Haas Digital team has been helpful, resourceful, supportive, and responsive — often reaching out before I needed help. Whether it is setting up new tech or simply offering suggestions and recommendations, I’m so appreciative of all that Haas Digital does for faculty and students! – Vince Law

Netiquette Guidelines

Despite social networking’s ubiquity in the world today, interacting in online learning requires a new set of guidelines. To help students get the most out of their online experience, establishing netiquette for your course will focus student interaction in Zoom sessions, discussion forums, peer-reviewed assignments, and group activities. Click the button to read more about establishing netiquette for your course.

Establish Netiquette

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