Instructional Resilience

While it is still being determined what format fall instruction will be, we encourage faculty to take measures now to make their courses instructionally resilient. These resources will guide you in the process of developing your course toward resilience, at that same time, developing your skills in digitally enhanced teaching and learning.

Depending on your knowledge or skill level, select any of the four options below. Starting June 22nd, we will be offering faculty workshops on these same topics. You can also schedule 1:1 consultations with us at any point.

  • 101 New To Online: for those teaching remotely for the first time
  • 201 Advanced Zoom: for those who taught in the Spring semester on Zoom, looking to enhance their synchronous experience
  • 301 Flipping Your Course: for those who want to get started with asynchronous content
  • 401 EdTech Explorer: for those who want to explore new and engaging tech tools, particularly to enhance experiential or project-based classes

Workshops will be offered between June 22nd and September 4th. To secure a space in the workshop go to the SIGN UP FORM

101 New to Online Monday 12-12:30p
Wednesday 9-9:30, 9:30-10, 10-10:30, 1-1:30p
Thursday 12-12:30p, 12:30-1p, 1p-1:30p
201 Advanced Zoom Monday 3-3:30p, 3:30-4p, 4-4:30p
Tuesday 11-11:30a, 11:30-12p
Wednesday 1:30-2p, 2-2:30p, 2:30-3p
Thursday 1:30-2p
Friday 11-11:30a, 11:30-12p
301 Flipping Your Course Monday 10-10:30a, 10:30-11a
Tuesday 4-4:30p, 4:30-5p
Wednesday 4-4:30p, 4:30-5p
Thursday 10-10:30a, 10:30-11p
401 EdTech Explorer Tuesday 2-2:30p, 2:30-3p
Thursday 3-3:30p, 3:30-4p

Netiquette Guidelines

Despite social networking’s ubiquity in the world today, interacting in online learning requires a new set of guidelines. To help students get the most out of their online experience, establishing netiquette for your course will focus student interaction in Zoom sessions, discussion forums, peer-reviewed assignments, and group activities. Click the button to read more about establishing netiquette for your course.

Establish Netiquette

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