So Many Ways to Say Thank You!

Gratitude has been called the social glue that fortifies our relationships and improves how we feel about our surroundings. Our Haas culture is strong because we value appreciating people for who they are and recognizing what they do.

Our recognition program provides many options for us to show our appreciation for each other. Please browse among these choices and express your gratitude today.

*Effective March 1, the SPOT Award program will be available again. Due to budget decisions made by the campus, they decided on a one-time re-allocation which always us to keep the SPOT Awards, but eliminates the Achievement Awards for the 2021-22 fiscal year only.

Table of Contents

Defining Leadership Principles (DLP) eCards
When someone applies one of our Defining Leadership Principles, let them know it matters. Download a DLP eCard, express your appreciation, and email it to them.

SPOT Award
When the work of someone who is a PPSM employee, or in the Clerical [CX] bargaining unit, or in a career, contract or limited appointment stands out you can recognize their contribution by nominating them for a SPOT award.

Due to the campus budget situation, the STAR program has been put on pause until further notice. When the work of someone who is a represented employee (other than in the Clerical [CX] bargaining unit) stands out you can recognize their contribution by nominating them for a HEART award.

Achievement Awards
Due to the campus budget situation, the Achievement program has been canceled for the FY 2021-22 only. When an individual or a team shows sustained, exceptional achievements and/or makes a significant contribution above and beyond what is expected, consider nominating them for an Achievement Award.

Outstanding Staff Awards
For the 2021-22 Fiscal Year, we will be having Outstanding Staff Awards but the award may be different than previous years. When someone stands out every day as representing our Defining Leadership Principles, consider nominating them for an Outstanding Staff Award. Employees in represented positions and PPSM employees (career appointments only) are eligible.

Other Haas Recognition Practices
An overview of other forms of recognition practices going on at Berkeley Haas.

Haas Recognition Program At a Glance
A quick overview comparing each of the types of recognition methods and awards.

Having Trouble Deciding on an Award?
An FAQ section to help clarify which award would be best suited for your nominee.

Recognition Committee
The Recognition Committee reviews and decides on the nominations for SPOT and HEART awards.

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