Hiring Staff Union & Non-Union Positions

This information is for you, if you have:

  • A New or Replacement Recruitment
  • A pre-selected candidate and need to hire them into a Contract or Limited 900-hour position
  • Need to extend a Staff Appointment
  • Need to Reclassify a role

To Initiate Position Recruitments See Steps Below:

  1. Before you begin the hiring process for new and replacement roles or extensions, please review the current job description (JD). If this is a new position, or the JD has not been updated within the last year or you need the current JD, please reach out to HaasHR@berkeley.edu.  Note that new job descriptions are built in Job Builder. Please reach out to HaasHR@berkeley.edu before starting a new JD to see if an existing one is already set up for you and to receive step-by-step instructions on navigating Job Builder.
  2. Once you have reviewed the JD and are ready to move forward, please submit the Haas FTE Justification form. The form will be automatically routed to your Haas Financial Analyst for verification, so please be sure to enter their name and email address correctly.

Please be sure to complete all fields of the form. Incomplete data can delay the process.  Please be sure to provide a detailed explanation for the section  “Please describe the rationale for this request” and “Please describe how functions/tasks/projects will be accomplished if this request is not approved.”

Information you will want to gather in advance before submitting the form [you can view 1-4 via UC’s People Card portal.  For the current salary of an existing employee, please check UCPath.  For minimum/midpoint pay, you can check TCS]:

  • Payroll Title [this is not the working title]:
  • Job/Title Code [this is a #]:
  • Position #:
  • Appointment End Dates [if applicable]
  • Salary/Hourly Pay [based on budget or Minimum / Midpoint pay:

The Haas PC meets every other week.

  • You will be notified when your request is put on the agenda and when a decision about the position is made.
  • If the Haas PC has questions, you may be requested to attend the Haas PC meeting to discuss the request.
  • If approved by Haas PC, you can then continue working with HaasHR on the recruitment or extension process.

Reclassification Requests:

  • Reclassification of Career Position:  Please reach out to HaasHR@berkeley.edu to discuss the reclassification request. You will also need to complete the Haas Classification Review Request form.
  • Reclassification of Contract Position:  Please reach out to HaasHR@berkeley.edu to discuss, as the process with regard to a current Contract role is very different than a Career role.