Haas participates in the campus wide WorkFIT program, a fitness program sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Department of Recreational Sports. As such we offer to our staff and faculty an in-house fitness program where certified fitness instructors come and lead regular classes in the Faculty Building.

These are professionally led, inexpensive sessions designed to get you moving and stretching during your day, get reinvigorated for the afternoon and evening, and improve fitness without making an extra trip to the gym!

The trainers are excellent and offer modifications to each exercise if you need to adapt around your individual physical issues. And all classes are geared to be self-paced, so you never need to exceed your comfort level if you don’t want. All classes are drop-in; no minimum attendance is required. WorkFIT is also a great opportunity to meet with colleagues outside of work.

Program Description

Click here for the most recent WorkFit class schedule, class descriptions and WorkFit locations.

Haas Sessions are on Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:00 – 12:45 PM. However, you can attend classes at other WorkFit sites.


If you have any questions about the Haas WorkFIT program, you can email us at workfit@berkeley.edu or call us @ 643-0346, and the WorkFit team will walk you through the process.

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An intensive 12-week strategic behavior change program (February-April) designed to help participants reach their health goals through proper sleep, stress management, diet, and exercise.


“WorkFit has made keeping in shape a no-brainer! Since it’s right downstairs, there are no excuses. As a new employee, I’ve gotten to know colleagues from both Haas and other parts of the campus–we cheer each other on and it’s been a great way to connect.”

Rhonda Shrader,
Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Program


“The convenience of getting in a complete, full-body work-out at lunch has been tremendously helpful. I find the end of my day gets too crowded with other priorities, but lunch is the perfect time to clear my head and re-energize by exercising.”

Valerie Gilbert-Perens,
Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
“Workfit is not only a wonderful place for me to get a mid-day workout, but to meet new people from both Haas but and other campus departments. I love the camaraderie that has been established with the participants and instructors. Plus, I can return to work feeling energized and the day flies by.”

Danner Doud-Martin,
Assistant Director, Operations, International Business Development Program
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