Information Technology (IT)

IT offers computer training resources for first time users and for those wanting to acquire new skills.

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)

RTL offers hands-on multimedia training workshops for UC Berkeley faculty and staff about web sites, web communication tools, web video and audio, multimedia, and classroom technologies

Campus Business Systems Guide

Campus Business Systems Guide is a resource for information about the administrative systems used at UC Berkeley to carry out advancement, financial, human resources, and student-related business activity, as well as how to become a user of these systems. The Guide provides a brief description of each system and outlines:

  1. Steps to request system access
  2. Required/recommended training and how to enroll
  3. Where to go for more information

Systems covered include BFS, HRMS, BAIRS/BIS, OPTRS, CARS, CADS, and others.

BearBuy Instructional Resources

Includes a list of self-explanatory/self-instructional documents that provide step-by-step directions on how to work in BearBuy.