Hiring a Student Assistant

All student new hires and rehires (rehire = break in service) should be submitted through the process listed below. If you are hiring a Work-Study student, please review the information listed on UC Berkeley’s Work-Study page and these are the Work-Study Job Posting Instructions.

Action Steps

1. Once you have identified the student to be hired/rehired, please submit the Student Position Number Request form to request a position number. Your request will be routed to Haas HR and someone will follow up with you within 48 hours.

2. Once you have the position number complete the Student Hiring Form. Enter the number you obtained from Haas HR in the form (position number field). Required fields are marked with an asterisk on the form. The required fields are below, all other information is optional, funding information is NOT required.

  • Student’s last name and first name
  • Position #
  • Student email address
  • Supervisor’s last name and first name
  • Appointment Start and End Dates
  • Does the Student hold another concurrent job
  • Hourly Compensation Rate
  • Confirmation of whether the student MUST have work study
  • Appointment percentage
  • Job Description
  • Background Check Needed

3. After you have submitted the Student Hiring Form, email your Finance Analyst (Haas Finance Assignments) to notify them that you have completed a form to hire a student. Your financial analyst will link your position to the appropriate funding codes.

4. Do not start the student until you have received confirmation from BRS that the student has completed onboarding and is able to start. Students must be paid for work performed, so it is very important that they do not start until you have been given approval from BRS.

Extending a Student Worker’s Hire

If you wish to extend an existing student assistant’s appointment, please submit a ServiceNow Case.

Hiring a GSI, GSR, or Course Reader

To hire a GSI, GSR, or Course Reader, contact Rosina Rocco in the Haas Academic Affairs unit.

Key Contact

Casual/Staff Student Worker (email all):

Alicia Martinez, Haas HR Talent Consultant – alicia.martinez@berkeley.edu

Rosy Wu, Staff Experience Analyst – rosywu@berkeley.edu

Karese Young, BRS HR Generalist – karese@berkeley.edu

Academic GSI, GSR, or Reader (email both):

Rosina Rocco – rrocco@haas.berkeley.edu

David Beausoleil – dbeausoleil@berkeley.edu

Additional Resource

Student Assistant Worker Onboarding Checklist

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