The programs below are designed to provide Haas staff development opportunities connected to executing the School’s strategic plan and mission. These series of workshops and training programs are tailored for Haas and are facilitated by the School’s senior leadership and/or theme experts. In these interactive workshops and training programs staff will experiment new behaviors and/or ways of thinking.

Problem Finding, Problem Solving is back!

taught by Sara Beckman


Date/Location: April 5th (9AM – 4PM) and April 26th (9AM – 3:30PM)

Location: Chou Hall (Room N340+344)

Registration now closed

Course Description:

The class provides skills for staff to Question the Status Quo and think Beyond Yourself, and, in the process be a Student Always! The environment in which we operate as an education institution today is characterized by considerable volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity making it what people call a “wicked problem”. Among other things, we face increased competition from other schools, space and budget constraints, additional service requests from the school’s various constituent groups, and a rapidly shifting sense of what MBA students need to learn and how they should learn it. These challenges defy simple explanation and resolution. Dealing with them requires innovative leadership and new ways of thinking about business issues. A primary focus at Berkeley-Haas is to provide students the innovative leadership skills that will allow them to flourish in a climate of significant challenges and become “path-bending leaders”.

To truly execute against that agenda, Berkeley-Haas staff also should have and use these innovation skills. This class thus focuses on delivering to you some of those skills -drawn from the fields of critical thinking, design thinking and systems thinking. Specifically, we’ll talk about ways of collecting information to characterize a problem, framing and re-framing that problem, coming up with a range of solutions and then gathering feedback to assess those solutions. We’ll apply those processes and tools to designing and redesigning solutions and business models in various settings.

This class builds on Confucius’s notion: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” There will be a lot of doing in our class sessions to develop facility with a mindset, skillset and toolkit that you can apply in your work at Haas and beyond. Thus, we expect that each of you will prepare for and attend both full days of the class and will participate fully with your team to complete the in-class exercises.


There are two sources of reading material for this course:

  • 101 Design Methods, by Vijay Kumar, given to you prior to the class
  • A few web-based readings for which links are provided in the assignments below

Downloadable Syllabus is available. PFPS Staff Syllabus Spring 2019

SESSION I: April 5th

In the first session, we’ll focus on noticing and empathy.

  • Most important: Complete the “Learning Style Inventory” sent to you by Sara Beckman
  • Read The Focused Leader by Daniel Goleman
  • Read Empathy on the Edge
  • Read 101 Design Methods:
    •  Four Core Principles of Successful Innovation (pp. 1-7 in physical book) (loc. 343 – 433 in Kindle)
    •  A Model of the Design Innovation Process (pp. 8- 9 in physical book) (loc. 433 – 469 in Kindle)
    •  Seven Modes of the Design Innovation Process (pp. 10- 13 in physical book) (loc. 469 – 575 in Kindle)
    •  Understanding Methods (pp. 13 in physical book) (loc. 575 – 589 in Kindle)
    •  Mode 1 Sense Intent: MINDSETS (pp. 15-20 in physical book) (loc. 602 – 694 in Kindle)
    •  Mode 2 Know Context: MINDSETS (pp. 51 – 58 in physical book) (loc. 1456 – 1547 in Kindle)
    •  Mode 3: Know People MINDSETS (pp. 87 – 94 in physical book) (loc. 2275 – 2350 in Kindle)


SESSION II: April 26th

In the second session, we’ll focus on getting to insights, generating concepts and experimentation.

  • Most important: Complete an observation or interview. We will set up this work in the first session.
  • Skim 101 Design Methods:
    • Mode 4: Frame Insights MINDSETS (pp. 129- 136 in physical book) (loc. 3215 – 3331 in Kindle)
    •  Mode 5: Explore Concepts MINDSETS (pp. 195 – 202 in physical book) (loc. 4665 – 4755 in Kindle)
    •  Mode 6: Frame Solutions MINDSETS (pp. 247 – 254 in physical book) (loc. 5773 – 5863 in Kindle)
    •  Mode 7: Realize Offerings (pp 285 – 292 in physical book) (loc. 6627 – 6716 in Kindle)


UC Berkeley Multicultural Education Program

The Multicultural Education Program (MEP) is one of six initiatives funded by the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund to work towards institutional change and to create a positive campus climate for diversity. The MEP is a five-year initiative to establish a sustainable infrastructure for activities like educational consultation and diversity workshops for the campus that address both specific topics, and to cater to group needs across the campus.

The Multicultural Education Program is pleased to offer workshops for staff and campus departments that address issues of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism. Workshops are now open for the Spring 2019 Semester. See below for the most current schedule.


  1. Go to UC Learning Center.
  2. Click on the ‘Find A Course’ box and type in the MEP courses code – BEEQI*
  3. From the ‘Select’ drop-down menu on the right, click on ‘Register’ of the workshop(s) you’re interested in attending. The workshops are listed by name and date.


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