Lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth is a characteristic of the Haas community. The Haas staff demonstrates its commitment to development by making visible improvements in their knowledge and skills.

This site will help you identify professional development opportunities and learning services, programs, and resources available to Haas staff. There are many different ways to be Students Always!

Career Development at UC Berkeley

The university’s Human Resources website brings together resources and activities for career planning and development. At UC Berkeley, we utilize a 5-part model of career development to help you organize your career development planning and career development and training activities. You are encouraged to explore all the information, resources, and tools provided in each area of the model.

Career Compass

Career Compass aims at improving how UC Berkeley manages and develops its staff by linking three major activities: Job Standards, Performance Management and Career Development. For career development purposes, Career Compass provides resources to help you assess your career interests, set career goals, identify and pursue development goals aligned with department and campus business needs. This is also the place to review job description and requirements of positions you might be interested in pursuing.

Career Planning

Career Planning is the ongoing process of setting career goals and identifying the means to achieve them. In addition to your direct supervisor and the Haas HR Director, key resources for career planning available to Haas staff are:

  • Career Development Planning offers a range of services and resources intended to help you become more aware of your strengths and talents, and how those factors relate to specific career opportunities on campus and at Haas.
  • Career Counseling Program provides assistance to staff and faculty who wish to clarify career questions and to plan sound and attainable career goals.

Career Development and Training activities vary depending on your career development plan and needs of the organization. UC Berkeley and the Haas School of Business offer numerous learning opportunities for Haas staff. You will find more information about these opportunities by checking the navigation bar on the left.

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Employee Development Policies

The University supports both career and job-related professional development activities. It is expected that employees and supervisors meet on a regular basis to discuss professional development opportunities. Haas observes the following employee development policies: