Adam Lim – Faculty Assistant with the Faculty Support Unit: Adam consistently demonstrates his dedication to fostering a sense of inclusion and camaraderie in the office. Recognizing the inherent loneliness that can accompany individual workspaces and fragmented responsibilities, he goes above and beyond by making a special effort to check in with colleagues regularly. His weekly visits serve as an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and discuss ongoing projects, contributing to the creation of a unified and supportive team environment. The thoughtfulness and commitment that Adam exhibits in building a collaborative and welcoming space are deeply appreciated by those he interacts with.

Aria Priest – Instructional Media Designer with Haas Digital: Aria collaborated with EGAL to create a series of videos for a new Flex cohort elective. Throughout the process, she exercised good judgment, patience, and offered constructive feedback to ensure that the project stayed on track and that the resulting output met the interests of students and the faculty. While this was new to some, Aria brought tremendous experience to the collaboration and maintained a positive and supportive attitude while also bringing valuable suggestions to improve the process.

Jacob Lammert – Program Coordinator with the International Business Development Program: In his inaugural year as the IBD Program Coordinator at Haas, Jacob has exhibited job mastery and innovation in managing the intricate international travel logistics for all 32 current MBA students enrolled in the IBD class. He has successfully accomplished IBD’s objectives by ensuring the safe and efficient handling of the students’ complex travel requirements throughout the month of May. Jacob’s goes above and beyond to guarantee student satisfaction in various instances. He maintains a constant collaboration with other IBD staff and faculty, prioritizing the needs of both the students and project clients. His cooperative nature, trustworthiness, and earned respect from his colleagues in the IBD program make him a pleasure to work with.

Rosemary Alonso – Academic HR Analyst with Haas HR: Rosemary demonstrated her exceptional leadership in successfully implementing the Unit 18 contract changes. The impact of the new contract extended to over 200+ Haas lecturers and required significant adjustments to internal processes and procedures. With a comprehensive understanding and interpretation of the new contract, Rosemary reviewed numerous lecturer appointments in great detail. Additionally, she collaborated with others to generate one and two-year appointment letters for the lecturers within a remarkably short span of time. This endeavor was particularly challenging due to the transition from a one-year curriculum planning cycle. Moreover, the union occasionally communicated changes to the lecturers without prior notice to the team, but Rosemary skillfully coordinated with APO, providing reassurance and guidance to address every inquiry.

Tiana Burks – Financial Services Analyst with Haas Finance: Tiana exhibited her exceptional problem-solving skills by bringing two Haas groups together to address a pressing and unique issue. The Haas IBD department traditionally covered a portion of student travel expenses, with the students reimbursing the remaining balance. However, as the preference for credit card payments grew among students, a challenge arose. Individual departments within Haas managed their own credit card accounts for processing such transactions. Tiana conducted extensive research on merchant account services and discovered that opening a new account for IBD would involve significant expenses and effort. Moreover, the account would not be operational in time for the students’ travel. In response, she proactively gained support from the DAR team in using their credit card terminal. Ultimately, DAR agreed to support the cause and successfully collected the funds before the students embarked on their travels.

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