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Videos and materials from the 2017, 2015 and 2014 New Faculty Orientation sessions are also available.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

  • Berkeley Haas School of Business: An Introduction
    Richard Lyons, Dean, Berkeley Haas School of BusinessDean Lyons will present an overview of the unique position and character of the Haas School. His discussion will include a description of our Strategic Vision and the Defining Leadership Principles of the School.
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  • Rookie Lessons
    Dan Simpson, Lecturer, Berkeley HaasIn this session, Dan Simpson, an experienced practitioner who joined the Haas Faculty in 2014, will try to accelerate your learning by sharing tips from his rookie-year experience.
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  • For Faculty Website and Resources
    Sue George, Director of CTE, Berkeley HaasSue George will provide an overview of the teaching resources available on the Haas website. In addition, this session will help faculty to get better acquainted with the instructional and office administrative support available to them. After this presentation, instructors will know who to contact for mail, office supplies, copying, textbooks, and just about anything else they need for instruction.
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  • Case Search
    Srikala Nair, Technology SolutionsThis session will demonstrate how to search for cases using Study.Net.
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  • Assignments and Grading
    David Robinson, Senior Lecturer, Berkeley Haas

    This session will cover best practices for choosing graded products, how to grade fairly and efficiently and how to manage graduate student graders (“Readers”). There will be an introduction to the online grading system available through bCourses. Lastly, David will cover push-backs, appeals and student satisfaction.
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    Handout 1: Grading Policy
  • Course Design
    Todd Fitch, Lecturer, Berkeley Haas
    Janet Watson, Teaching and Presentation ConsultantThis session will focus on how to develop and clearly define a set of learning goals and outcomes for what students should know or be able to do by the end of a course. Instructors will also learn about organizing the course over the semester, creating a syllabus, integrating learning objectives already developed, course policies and procedures and setting expectations.
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    Handout 1: Example Syllabus (Fitch)
    Handout 2: Example Syllabus (Worthington)
  • Teaching at Berkeley Haas: Norms and Expectations
    Jay Stowsky, Senior Assistant Dean, Berkeley Haas School of BusinessThis session provides an introduction to the programs offered at Haas and will include student profiles, broad Haas norms for teaching and resources available to instructors. Our Senior Assistant Dean will cover norms and expectations of instructors that are common across programs (e.g. grade distribution, work quantity and quality, dealing with cheating, laptops) as well as an interactive discussion about student desires for instructors who challenge them.
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  • Classroom Technology Overview
    Tom Tripp, Media Services/Technology Solutions, Berkeley HaasTom Tripp will familiarize new faculty with the classroom technology basics as well as demonstrate Blue Jeans Video Conferencing and discuss other classroom services. This is also the time where you will be able to try out your own laptop with the classroom equipment so you are ready for the first day.
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    Handout 1: Links to Websites
    Handout 2: Technical Support Quick Reference Guide
  • Case Study Exercise
    Frank Schultz, Lecturer (Continuing), UC Berkeley

    The session will cover the critical steps involved in designing and delivering a case-based course. Topics will include selecting cases, preparing for class, and managing class discussion. Specific teaching strategies and tactics across the value chain of course design and delivery will be discussed. An in-class case simulation will be conducted.
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    Case: Gillette and Duracell
  • Experiential Classroom Strategies
    Todd Fitch, Lecturer, Berkeley Haas
    Janet Watson, Teaching and Presentation ConsultantThis hands-on session will focus on instructional strategies and experiential learning to engage students and promote achievement of learning goals. Our presenters will offer suggestions for facilitating exercises in differing class environments to highlight active learning of course material. They will also briefly discuss how to enhance teaching with classroom response systems such as iClicker (a student hand- held device to provide instant feedback, answer questions or vote), Top Hat and Poll Everywhere.
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