Energy Institute Leadership Transition

July 1, 2020

After six years as a faculty director at the Energy Institute, Lucas Davis has decided to return to being a POP (Plain Old Professor). This year, Lucas took over the Haas MBA course in Energy & Environmental Markets and he will be continuing his outstanding research in energy, transportation, and climate change.

Luckily, EI has a deep bench, and one of our other stars, Meredith Fowlie, has agreed to step into the faculty director position. Meredith is well known to our followers from her insightful blogs and path-breaking research on market-based environmental regulation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Meredith is also active in policy, including serving on California’s Independent Emissions Monitoring Advisory Committee (IEMAC) and the US EPA External Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (E-EEAC).

Severin Borenstein will continue as the other faculty director at EI.

Congratulations to both Lucas and Meredith!