Spring 2008

Last Updated: May 14, 2008

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 4:10-5:40 pm in Room C110 Cheit Hall (except for March 6 and May 14). These seminars are free and are open to the public.

February 7 Thursday

Alexei Tchistyi (New York University)
Stochastic House Appreciation and Optimal Subprime Lending (with Tomasz Piskorski, Columbia University) (pdf file)

February 14 Thursday

No Seminar

February 21 Thursday

Tim Johnson (London Business School and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Liquid Capital and Market Liquidity (pdf file)

February 28 Thursday

Doyne Farmer (Santa Fe Institute)
What Determines Market Impact? How Efficient Prices Coexist with the Heavy Tails of Supply and Demand (with Austin Gerig and Fabrizio Lillo, Santa Fe Institute; and Henri Waelbroeck, Pipeline Financial Group) (pdf file)

March 6 Thursday — Note new time: 4:35-6:00 pm

Jun Pan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Excess Volatility of Corporate Bonds (with Jack Bao, MIT) (pdf file)

March 13 Thursday

Amir Sufi (University of Chicago)
The Composition and Priority of Corporate Debt: Evidence from Fallen Angels (with Joshua Rauh, University of Chicago) (pdf file)

March 20 Thursday

No Seminar

March 27 Thursday

No Seminar — Spring Break

April 3 Thursday

Jianjun Miao (Boston University)
The Timing and Returns of Mergers and Acquisitions in Oligopolistic Industries (with Dirk Hackbarth, Washington University-St. Louis) (pdf file)

April 10 Thursday

Stavros Panageas (University of Pennsylvania)
Young, Old, Conservative and Bold: The Implications of Finite Lives and Heterogeneity for Asset Prices (with Nicolae Gârleanu, UC Berkeley) (pdf file)

April 17 Thursday

Philip Bond (University of Pennsylvania)
Information-Based Trade (with Hülya Eraslan, University of Pennsylvania) (pdf file)

April 24 Thursday

Ioanid Rosu (University of Chicago)
Liquidity and Information in Order Driven Markets (pdf file)

May 1 Thursday

Jennifer Conrad (University of North Carolina)
Skewness and the Bubble (with Robert Dittmar, University of Michigan; and Eric Ghysels, University of North Carolina) (pdf file)

May 8 Thursday

Nittai Bergman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Vintage Capital and Creditor Protection (with Efraim Benmelech, Harvard University) (pdf file)


Joint Stanford-Berkeley Seminar at Berkeley
2:30-5:40 pm, Room C220 Cheit Hall

2:30-3:30 Johan Walden, Berkeley
Bank Lending and the Term Structure (with Christine Parlour and Richard Stanton, UC Berkeley) (pdf file)

3:30-3:50 General Discussion

3:50-4:20 Break

4:20-5:20 Arthur Korteweg, Stanford
Risk and Return Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Companies (with Morten Sorensen, University of Chicago) (pdf file)

5:20-5:30 Discussant: Tom Davidoff, Berkeley

5:30-5:40 General Discussion

For more information about the Finance Seminars, please contact June Wong, faculty assistant, at (510)642-1499 or e-mail her: [email protected].

Faculty Coordinator, Spring Seminars: Professor Christine Parlour