Plug into the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network

There’s power in personal connections. With more than 41,000 alumni around the world, your network is a major source of strength. Tap into your resources and gain a range of benefits throughout your career.

Connect with your alumni network

Around the world, there are over 41,000 Berkeley Haas alumni, all bending paths across industries and beyond business. And making the most of this network really requires only one thing: reaching out.

Advance your career

You have an expanding set of tools and resources at your fingertips. Build your professional brand, find new leads, or plan ahead for the future. With our career management resources, your next move will always be your best.

Be a student always

Stay on top of the latest trends and ideas both on campus and beyond. Our thought leadership is bold and relevant, giving you a sharp edge in the workplace and throughout your life.

Tap Into the Network

It starts with confidence. Making yourself visible strengthens the network as a whole.

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