What’s right for you?

That depends. Each of you have very different career goals which means each of your searches will be unique. Take time early in your two years at Haas to explore different industries and functions. And explore them again if you’re struggling to create a career hypothesis. Employers engage with Haas MBAs in many ways, some on campus, others through your networking efforts. Here’s more about recruiting timelines for the various industries to guide your thinking.

Just in Time Hiring

These are organizations that hire MBA-level talent only when they have an immediate opening; typically only 1-3 months in advance of the start date. They do not visit campus to interview.

Some industries or companies only recruit off-campus. Check which companies you’re interested in, and take advantage of the networking events, treks, conferences, and other resources available during the school year.

In the spring, companies that do not participate in the OCI cycle tend to make their Internship offers closer to the end of the semester. These tables show the timeline for the offers reported as received for summer 2022 internships. As a reminder, we rely on data entered into CMG BEARS to create these tables. Please go beyond yourself and add your information so that others may benefit.