What’s right for you?

That depends. Each of you have very different career goals which means each of your searches will be unique. Take time early in your two years at Haas to explore different industries and functions. And explore them again if you’re struggling to create a career hypothesis. Employers engage with Haas MBAs in many ways, some directly — by pitching their company and job opportunities on campus and virtually, and others through your networking efforts. Here’s more on recruiting events and interviews to guide your thinking.

Engagement Events

Company Presentations

Company presentations are a great way to learn more about an organization. They are usually held Monday-Thursday from 12-1 pm, 1-2 pm, 4-5 pm, and 5-6 pm either in person on campus or virtually. Check CMG BEARS for the event schedule. Some companies will choose to host their own events and “multi-school” virtual events that may not fall into our suggested time frames.

Company Chats

Also known as “office hours,” company chats give you an opportunity to engage with  recruiters and hiring managers in an informal setting. Many companies choose these chats as a way to meet in small groups and dive deeper in conversations. Chats are usually  held Monday-Thursday from 12-2 pm, 4-5 pm, and 5-6 pm either in person on campus or virtually. Check CMG BEARS for the event schedule.

Networking Nights

At Networking Nights, you can meet face-to-face with recruiters, hiring managers, and alums in various industries. Networking Nights are hosted throughout the year. Register on CMG BEARS.

Alumni AMAs, Alumni Chats, Faculty Career Chats

Alumni AMAs, Alumni Chats and Faculty Career Chats, held throughout the year, give you the opportunity to learn from alums, Haas faculty and lecturers about experiences in different industries, career pathways and anything else you’d like to know. The format is either in person or virtual and varies from one on one conversations to small group discussions. Register via CMG BEARS.

Company Treks

Site visits to companies is a great way to learn about career opportunities and the company’s culture. These site visits are usually arranged by the industry clubs.

Job Search Process

Many students secure their jobs through a proactive, networked job search; in today’s MBA job landscape, this is the new normal for most industries. (Exceptions include highly structured industries like Consulting and some Big Tech). CMG is here to guide you through your networked job search. Our Relationship Managers and coaches have lots of experience successfully partnering with students on proactive, networked-based job searches and they can help you to find opportunities via Early Recruiting and in CMG  BEARS, Slack, employer websites, our alumni network, speaker series, clubs, and so forth. Relationship Managers also have key contacts in industry (recruiters, hiring managers, alumni) that they leverage to bring opportunities to Haas.

Just In Time Hiring

These are organizations that Hire MBA-level talent only when they have an immediate opening; typically only 1-3 months in advance of the start date.  These opportunities are posted on CMG BEARS and Slack. Research companies you are interested in, and take advantage of networking events, treks, conferences and other resources available during the school year. Other things to note with Just In Time hiring is that are that organizations don’t always have a relationship with Berkeley-Haas; more research to build target lists and identify contacts is often needed. Also, many companies make offers throughout the spring term with many of them occurring closer to the end of the semester. These tables show the timeline for the offers reported as received for summer 2022 internships. As a reminder, we rely on data entered into CMG BEARS to create these tables. Please go beyond yourself and add your information so that others may benefit.


Early Recruiting (On Campus and Virtual)

Companies that can foresee their staffing needs 8-12 months in advance, and who have a relationship with Berkeley-Haas want to target Berkeley Haas students, will engage in early recruiting, both on campus and virtually. These companies are typically large organizations with formal recruiting teams dedicated to MBA hiring.  Jobs are typically designed for entry level MBA opportunities and interviews are conducted either on campus or offsite for select candidates. Offers are generally made between January and March.