Early Recruiting

Early recruiting, also referred to as On-Campus Interviewing (OCI), is the process where companies interested in Haas MBAs visit campus to pitch their company and interview selected candidates.

These companies traditionally are large organizations who can foresee their staffing needs 8-12 months in advance and typically have formal recruiting teams dedicated to MBA hiring. OCI is designed for entry-level MBA opportunities.


OCI calendar

Is OCI Right for You?

The CMG Coaches have put this OCI Primer together to help you determine if OCI is the right recruitment option for you. We recommend making an appointment with a coach to discuss further. Please note that there are eligibility and participation requirements, as well as deadlines and key dates, outlined in the sections below. Please reference these and discuss with a coach if you have additional questions.

OCI Internship Resource: Please read through the OCI FAQ Document to better understand how OCI is set up in CMG BEARS and what is expected of you before, during, and after the interview process.