Each student comes to Haas with diverse, intersectional identities and perspectives that bring value to the campus and our employers. We believe those differences are strengths that should be used and celebrated throughout your career. At CMG, we help you to tell your authentic story and connect to resources relevant to your social identities. This section contains resources at Haas, across campus, in the Bay Area, and nationally to help you understand your rights, find support, and expand your network.

During individual appointments, our coaching team can help you harness your identity for success, navigate workplace or team dynamics due to differences, support you in disclosure in the workplace (e.g., FMLA, LGBTQ+, visa status), strategize for diversity conferences and conversations, or process experiences of micro-aggressions.

CMG also partners with student leaders to provide tailored programming for various affinity groups and with employers to provide access to unique opportunities.

  • Student groups can contact Laura Benoit to partner on career programming
  • Employers can contact Betsy Ream about recruitment opportunities on campus
  • Alumni can contact Meg Roundy to learn about ways to connect with students and Alumni resources

If you have suggestions for what is missing or feedback, please share with us at [email protected]