The S3 Consulting Impact

Social Sector Solutions (S3) offers a comprehensive blend of management experience, academic training, and coaching for a hands-on consulting experience. Participants gain invaluable career exposure through partnerships with top consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Additionally, our faculty advisors play a pivotal role in driving key results, providing guidance and support every step of the way

Program Overview

Student Testimonials

Stephanie Rivers, EMBA, MPA

Social Sector Solutions, Team Lead 2022

S3 offers a world-class opportunity for students who want to learn the art and science of consulting, one of S3’s most valuable assets is the program’s incredible access to the world of business management consulting firms. By being a Team Lead, I was recruited by 2 of the Big 4 firms. Two of my teammates were also offered consulting roles at well-known companies.

Tessa Dewell

Social Sector Solutions, 2021

I really enjoyed getting to work with a real client who was making a positive impact on the world. By understanding their needs and having important discussions within our team, we were able to build them a quantitative and qualitative model that will help them think about their expansion in the future. The guidance provided by Nora [Faculty Director] as well as the structure of the class helped our team successfully grow our skills and deliver something truly valuable to our client. S3 was more like a job than a class, it was a lot of work, but it was work that was rewarding!

Michael Calderón

Social Sector Solutions, 2021

Prior to joining S3, I had no experience with consulting and truly did not know how to approach a large-scale problem without any formal training or expertise. Framing the problem and conducting interviews and research were skills that I honed over the course of the semester working with the S3 professors and my team.

How to Apply

Bid for the Course

MBA’s receive an application link once students bid for the course during their designated course bidding period in the Fall. (Bidding dates are in November, with the exact window posted at the beginning of the fall term). For more details, contact your MBA program office.

Course Enrollment

  • Selected graduate students will be enrolled in MBA292S for 3 credits by the MBA program office
  • Selected undergraduate students will be enrolled in UGBA192.T7 for 3 credits.
  • More details and enrollment verification will be provided at the start of the spring semester.

For more information email [email protected].

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