The Program

Social impact organizations face ever-complex challenges to address society’s largest problems. Social Sector Solutions partners with world-class management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, providing experienced McKinsey consultants to coach every student consulting team and propel our client’s impact.

Each student team:

  • Commits 900 hours with clients and their projects,
  • Consists of MBAs students and others in public health, public policy, social welfare, development practice, education, urban planning, and other degree programs within UC Berkeley, and
  • Forms a diverse, multidisciplinary team coalescing to answer each client’s question.


The teams are co-taught by Paul Jansen, Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company and Joe Dougherty, Haas Lecturer and Partner at Dalberg Advisors. Instructors meet weekly to work with each team and drive a process proven to produce results.

Recent Client Projects

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