Client Applications Open Now!

2025 Social Sector Solutions

Join us for the 2025 S3 program! A select group of 15 organizations will join us for next year’s program. The nonprofit application deadline is August 31st, 2024. If interested, please download the application linked here and send the completed version to [email protected]

Program Overview

Social impact organizations face many challenges in addressing society’s largest and most complex problems. With guidance from Haas faculty and coaching from experienced McKinsey & Company volunteer consultants, multi-disciplinary student teams (more student info here) are paired with organizations and delve into semester-long consulting projects to address strategy or organization development questions put forth by their nonprofit clients. This is a fee-for-service offering, based on 18 years of proven, high-quality work that provides top value and demonstrated results.

The Partnership

Students Gain
Organizations Gain
  • Hands on management consulting experience
  • Academic training, coaching, and support
  • Career exposure with top consulting firm McKinsey & Company
  • Faculty advisors to drive key results
  • 900 hours of targeted, affordable, high quality management consulting
  • Fresh perspectives from a team who is mentored by McKinsey & Company management consultants
  • Action plans with innovated solutions to complex challenges, driven by the latest academic thinking and practical application in strategy, marketing, finance, and more.

Client Project Examples