Dissertation titles and job placements for our graduates in Accounting

Jinsung Hwang, 2023
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
How Do Firms Mitigate Conflicts Among Creditors During Bankruptcy?

Łukasz Langer, 2022
Cornerstone Research
Is Silent R&D Productive?

Young Yoon, 2022
Walmart Global Tech
Economic Determinants and Consequences of Corporate Disclosures

Byung Hyun Ahn, 2021
Dimensional Fund Advisors
Essays on Capital Market Implication of Stock Indexing: Price Discovery and Mandatory Reporting Quality

Stephen Walker, 2021
Machine Learning and Corporate Fraud Detection

Nika Qiao, 2020
West Texas A&M University – Engler College of Business
The Impact of R&D Classification Shifting in High-Technology Industries

Margaret Fong, 2020
HEC Montréal
Mandatory Short Disclosures: An Information Story

Jieyin Zeng, 2020
National University of Singapore
Do Managers Exploit Private Information About Their Firm’s Investor Base?

Henry Laurion, 2018
University of Colorado Boulder
Do Non-GAAP Earnings Influence Real Activities and Accounting Choices?

Samuel Tan, 2018
Singapore Management University
Accounting Choices and the Legal Environment: The Impact of the Ex Post Loss Rule

Yu Wang, 2017
University of Houston
Strategic R&D Investment around Seasoned Equity Offerings: Evidence from High-Technology Industries

Baris Korcan Ak, 2016
Marshall Wace North America LP
Essays on Financial Distress

James P. Ryans, 2016
London Business School
Textual Classification of SEC Comment Letters

Jenny Zha, 2016
George Washington University
Voluntary Disclosure of Strategic Alternatives: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Ronald Espinosa, 2015
Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO)
Financial Constraints, Corporate Investment, and Future Profitability

Fernando Comiran, 2014
University of San Francisco
Lobbying Behavior: Evidence from Proposed Changes in Lease Accounting

Subprasiri (Jackie) Siriviriyakul, 2014
Baruch College – The City University of New York
Re-Examining Real Earnings Management to Avoid Losses

Harm Schuett, 2013
Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung, Germany
Essays on Financial Information Analysis

Estelle (Yuan) Sun, 2013
Boston University
The Use of Discretionary Expenditures as an Earnings Management Tool: Evidence From Financial Misstatement Firms

Aydin Uysal, 2013
Menta Capital, LLC
Assessing Accrual Quality in Financial Institutions

Eric Allen, 2012
University of Southern California
The Information Content of the Deferred Tax Valuation Allowance for Venture Capital-backed IPO Firms

Natalya Khimich, 2012
Drexel University
Cash Flow and Discount Rate News Estimation: Which Method To Choose?

Seungmin Chee, 2011
University of Oregon
The Information Content of Commercial Banks’ Fair Value Disclosures of Loans Under SFAS 107

Jenny Chu, 2011
Cambridge University
Does Growth Subsume the Implications of Accruals for Future Firm Performance?

Jung Hoon Kim, 2011
Florida International University
Cross-Sectional Variation of Measurement Error and Predictability of Earnings and Stock Returns

Kwang June Lee, 2010
University of Pittsburgh
Purchase Obligations, Earnings Persistence, and Stock Returns

Ke Li, 2010
University of Toronto
How Well Do Investors Understand Loss Persistence?

Tatiana Fedyk, 2007
Arizona State University
Discontinuity in Earnings Report and Managerial Incentives

Gali Ingber-Krauthgamer, 2007
College of Management (Israel)
Competition and Herding: A Study of Analysts’ Information-Gathering

Zvi Singer, 2007
McGill University
Discretionary Financial Reporting: Items Manipulated by IPO Firms, and Investor’s Increased Awareness

Haifeng You, 2007
Barclays Global Investors
Investors’ Information About Firms’ Fundamentals and Earnings Management

Gavin Cassar, 2005
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
External Financing and Firm Operating Performance

Katherine Ann Gunny, 2005
University of Colorado, Boulder
Earnings Management and Firm Stock Price Performance

Wenli Huang, 2005
Boston University
Executive Stock Options and Risk-Taking

Tracey Chunqi Zhang, 2005
Singapore Management University
Pricing Effects of Recognition Versus Disclosure: Evidence From Firms’ Recognition of Employee Stock Option Expense

John Briginshaw, 2004
Pepperdine University
Essays in Fundamental Analysis

Donglin Li, 2004
San Francisco State University
The Implications of Capital Investments for Future Profitability and Stock Returns: An Overinvestment Perspective

Mei Luo, 2004
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Do Investors Fully Understand the Economic Implications of Cash Flows From Operations?

Bokhyeon Baik, 2003
Florida State University
Essays on Analysts’ Forecasts

Visarut Sribunnak, 2003
Chulalongkorn University
Essays on Maturity Gap Disclosures of Commercial Banks

Yoonseok Zang, 2003
Singapore Management University
Discretionary Behavior With Respect to the Adoption of SFAS 142 and the Behavior of Security Prices

Guohua Jiang, 2002
Peking University
An Essay on Accrual Anomaly