Whether you organize your own event or attend a Berkeley Haas-sponsored event, we invite you to get to know our students better by meeting them in person.

Be sure to keep your Relationship Manager apprised of your recruiting activities. Your Relationship Manager will help determine what events would be best for your needs, spread the word to students, and advise on timing and venue recommendations.

Recruiting Events


Our staff help with all of your logistical needs including scheduling, directions to campus, morning pastries and coffee, and lunch the day of your visit.

Campus Presentations

Hosting an information session or campus presentation casts a wide net and educates students about your organization.

Networking Nights

Networking Nights are an efficient and cost-effective way to meet face-to-face with our students from the Full-time and Evening & Weekend MBA programs, as well as with alumni.

Coffee Chats

Also known as “office hours,” coffee chats give you an opportunity to listen to students’ interests and talk to them about your company in an informal setting. Coffee chats are held on campus and can be requested through CareerNet. You can create you own schedule and students will sign up to meet with you.

Build Your Brand with Targeted Groups

With over 50 student organizations at Berkeley Haas, there are many opportunities for you to identify, target, and get to know students with specific interests.

Many of these clubs have obvious industry focuses which allow you to target groups by career path. We encourage you to also consider working with clubs that might reflect your values or brand.

Featured Speaker

Students organize career-focused courses that require corporate participation to succeed. Representatives from your company can lead a case, offer timely insight into a real business problem, or share current research.

Site Visits or Treks

Inviting a group of students to your workplace is an efficient way to communicate the quality of your opportunities as well as of your company’s culture.

Conference Participation

One of the best ways to increase your presence among Berkeley Haas students is to participate in one of our many student-led conferences or events. With the support of the school, our students organize major conferences, including:

  • Asia Business Conference
  • Berkeley Finance Conference
  • Women in Leadership Conference
Jack Song

Jack Song

MBA 15

Head of Global Communications-Marketing, BD, and International Expansion

“Getting involved with the Marketing Club really opened my eyes and changed my preconceptions about the consumer-product-goods industry. It was so much more than just advertising. I enjoyed getting to the know all of its facets through speakers and on Career Treks to companies like Clif Bar, Clorox, and Levi Strauss & Co.”