Create a More Diverse and Inclusive Company

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the Berkeley Haas MBA experience. They are a source of strength and innovation. They spark creativity and collaboration. They offer opportunities for growth—for our students and for the companies where they build their careers.

Each incoming class is meticulously crafted to include students who boost each other’s learning by contributing different experiences, ideas, and perspectives. We attract and purposefully select a wide range of ethnic, racial, and national backgrounds, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds.

What can you do to make your company more inclusive?

  1. Always try to send a diverse representation of your company to campus.
    The employees you select to engage with Haas students represent your firm’s perception and appreciation of diversity. Arm your team with information about your company’s initiatives, whether it be women in tech or mentoring programs.
  2. Be observant of how your company is actively working to remove unconscious bias from the recruiting process.
    Many of our students are mindful of this topic and are keenly aware of it when they interview.
  3. How does your company support URM employees’ career development?
    Can you share examples of  under-represented minorities (URMs) advancing through your company? Diverse recruiting is important, but even more so is being able to show your inclusive company culture. Students have told us that it is very powerful to hear real stories of how URMs have been successful at your company, as it helps them see themselves there.
  4. Have your company’s Employee Resource Group list ready for students who ask.
    Better yet, offer it up. Connect students with other URMs at your company so that students can ask them questions directly. They want to know what it’s like to be an African American woman at your company. How many URMs are moving up into leadership positions? What is the company strategy for mentoring?