Leaders Prepared to Turn Innovation Into Impact

At Berkeley Haas, people, place, culture, and curriculum combine to create a talent pool ready and eager to succeed as innovative leaders.

Companies and recruiters recognize that our graduates are prepared to tackle challenges from the first day on the job. They are not only disciplined, they are data-driven and fully capable across the full general management spectrum. What’s more, they excel as empathetic leaders. Skilled in collaboration and entrepreneurship, they generously share their talent, expertise, and support.

Diversity as a Cornerstone

Our admissions team meticulously crafts each entering class to find students who will boost each other’s learning with their own ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This commitment ensures we offer employers a diverse talent pool of leaders who welcome different points of view and approach decision-making with open, inquiring minds.

Our students represent a wide range of ethnic, racial, and national backgrounds, abilities/disabilities, socioeconomic status, geographic regions, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations.

The Right Candidate at the Right Level

Our network encompasses thousands of highly accomplished individuals—students and graduates—of the Berkeley Haas Full-time and Evening & Weekend MBA programs and the Berkeley MBA for Executives program.

In addition to traditional MBA hiring needs, we can help you fill positions that require more extensive industry experience by:

  • Tapping the experience of our 850 part-time MBA students.
  • Reaching candidates with even more extensive work histories through our Berkeley MBA Experienced Hire Resume Database of current students and alumni.

Whether you hire recent Berkeley Haas MBA graduates, or seasoned alumni, you will infuse your organization with talented leaders who will immediately contribute a high level of proficiency, creativity, and innovation.