The Berkeley Haas Employer Relations team strives to make the MBA recruiting process as successful as possible for both our students and recruiting partners.

We hold our students to the highest standards of professionalism. Policies are in place to insure that students respect your time and effort. Students understand that behavior such as failing to attend an interview without prior notification or, most seriously, reneging on an accepted offer, carries repercussions.

In turn, we ask you to respect the following policies when recruiting our students.

Recruiting Policies

Recruiting Policies for Investment Banks

These policies apply to IB offices participating in any of the following activities in the academic year leading up to applicable interviews: on-campus networking events/presentations/information sessions organized through the Career Management Group, our IB Speed Networking Event, and on-campus interviewing.

IB-related Questions/Concerns: Please contact William Rindfuss, Financial Services relationship manager at or 510-642-0460.

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