Now more than ever, the world needs Equity Fluent Leadership™ as COVID-19 continues to deeply and severely impact the people in our communities, the business world, and global society. The reality is, public health and economic crises have a significantly disproportionate negative impact on women, ethnic minorities, and those on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. It is critical both to respond to the crisis in the immediate term, and to focus on an equitable recovery that ensures that the long-term effects from the virus do not worsen inequality, as they are poised to do. This is a once in a generation opportunity to address staggering inequalities in the United States and to rebuild in innovative and systems-changing ways towards an equitable future. Business leaders must use their power to strategically lead the charge.

The Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL) has tracked multiple sources of data, and developed a strategy playbook for business leaders to successfully integrate equity and inclusion in COVID-19 recovery and lead in an equity fluent way. The playbook will be shared widely with businesses and local governments across the country to spur further equitable recovery in the US.

Transforming Business Beyond COVID-19: An Equity Fluent Leadership Playbook

Designing an Equitable Recovery

EGAL Founding Director, Kellie McElhaney, discusses how to reframe our perspective on COVID-19 from “how are we going to get through this?” to “how can we can create a better world after recovery?”