In addition to the national awards offered to students pursuing careers in real estate, the Haas Real Estate Program offers the following to members of the Berkeley Real Estate Club:

  • Gerson Bakar Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board Real Estate Scholarship The Gerson Bakar – Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board Real Estate Scholarship was established by family and friends in recognition of the many contributions that Gerson Bakar has made to the real estate profession and to the Real Estate Industry. The scholarship is intended to support an exceptionally meritorious graduate student who has a passion for real estate, entrepreneurial drive, demonstrated creativity and an ethical focus, as these are all characteristics needed to attain significant future accomplishments in real estate. The Gerson Bakar – Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board Real Estate Scholarship is a competitive merit-based scholarship and will provide $10,000 of tuition support to its recipient.
    Candidates must have demonstrated a significant passion for real estate as a career objective through prior work and internship performance, excellence in academic Real Estate coursework, leadership roles in the Berkeley Real Estate Club, and/or significant contributions made on extramural Real Estate competition teams. Candidates must also have successfully completed the first year of their degree program at the Haas School of Business, Berkeley Law, or College of Environmental Design, and be pursuing completion of the IGCRE Certificate in Real Estate.
  • Jon Q. Reynolds Real Estate Entrepreneur Scholarship The Jon Q. Reynolds Real Estate Entrepreneur Scholarship was established to provide $10,000 in tuition support for one or more deserving MBA student at the Haas School of Business. Candidates must be pursuing a career in real estate, and must demonstrate a high level of academic distinction and participation in the real estate program. A student from outside Berkeley Haas may also be selected, if appropriate.
  • Falik Family Fellowship Provided by the generosity of Bill Falik, a real estate fellowship of $10,000 will be awarded to an exceptional student who has demonstrated a passion for real estate and has exhibited significant leadership and entrepreneurial qualities during their graduate studies. The scholarship opportunity is open to Haas School of Business (Full Time and Evening-Weekend MBA), Berkeley Law, and the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

For information on these and other scholarships, contact the Fisher Center at and the Financial Aid Office.

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Jesse Nelson

MBA '08, Gerson Bakar Scholarship Recipient

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