When are you planning to study abroad?

More than 21% of Haas undergraduates study abroad and there are many opportunities to choose from that fit your global experience goals. Check when the best time to go to by clicking the “When to study abroad?” button. Schedule an academic advising appointment for study abroad to make a plan early.

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Info you must know when studying abroad

Continuing Cal and transfer students are highly encouraged to study abroad!

We encourage all students to participate in international education programs to broaden their education and develop a global business view. International education can be enlightening and fulfilling on many levels, but it requires organization, self-motivation, and careful academic planning. We believe the benefits are well worth the effort. Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to develop their intercultural competence and immerse themselves in another culture. It’s best to thoroughly plan and review each program’s eligibility requirements to have the most rewarding experience!

What will you study while away?

Always consider the course options and your academic goals when deciding on a program.

You can satisfy your international studies breadth by completing an international education program organized by Berkeley Study Abroad. Completion of an independent study abroad program is also acceptable provided a student has obtained pre-approval by an advisor. Please note that not all programs may qualify and simply taking coursework abroad does not qualify.

You can satisfy degree requirements abroad!

✔ Breadth Courses

✔ Upper Division Business Electives for letter grade. This is a non-negotiable policy.

✔ Upper Division Non-business Electives

⚠ You must take all business core (UGBA 100-107) and pre-requisites at Haas.

If you do a UCEAP or independent semester program, you must plan to enroll in at least 13 UC equivalent units (unless it’s your final semester). All UCEAP semester programs are transferable and will be listed on your UC transcript. UCEAP determines the unit value of each class abroad and whether it is upper or lower division. Business courses in any abroad program will affect your major GPA, except independent study abroad.

Accepted study abroad students complete your UCEAP academic planning form (APF)!

If you have already confirmed your plans to study abroad, you should email your UCEAP academic planning form to Dionne Daniels. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to ask questions or receive guidance completing the APF.

A few study abroad planning reminders

Senior Residence Requirement

After reaching 90-semester units earned, you must complete at least 24 of the remaining 30 units in residence at Cal in at least two semesters. A semester must consist of at least 4 passed units to count as residence. You may use a Berkeley Summer Session to satisfy one semester of the senior residence requirement, provided that you pass 4 units of coursework in the Summer Session.

Expected Graduation Term (EGT)

Students studying abroad in their final semester may have an adjusted EGT, depending on when the international transcript is received. This would not entitle a student to enroll in classes at UC Berkeley in the following semester. Students completing Simultaneous Degrees, please note that this might affect your date of graduation from both majors. Students whose degrees have been finalized and are eligible for Honors at Graduation after their EAP work has been posted to their transcripts. Students will be responsible for paying for an updated diploma from the Office of the Registrar. Seniors may request to change their EGT to a later time to study abroad.

Financial Aid

It is possible to apply your financial aid package towards the cost of most study abroad programs, including tuition, program fees, and out-of-pocket expenses, such as airfare, meals, and books. Affiliate and independent programs are not currently eligible for financial aid, however, may offer scholarships or discounts for participation. Students who receive scholarships or grants from outside organizations should contact those organizations to confirm that the awards may be applied to study abroad.


International education programs can enhance your marketability, but important employer functions and on-campus recruiting will likely happen while you are away. You are encouraged to visit Career Engagement for advice making a career recruiting plan for when you are studying abroad.

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