Our Community

At Haas, teamwork and collaboration are the hallmark of the Undergraduate Program. Entering the program in cohorts, students are members of a close-knit, supportive peer network. Through their diversity of ideas and backgrounds and shared experiences at Haas, they build bonds that will last a lifetime. Berkeley students also frequently speak of the welcoming atmosphere that encourages involvement. Finally, as a complement to their coursework, students become involved in clubs and community service and take advantage of the university’s wide range of public lectures, exhibitions, concerts, and conferences.


Lifetime Network

Among the school’s greatest assets is the community of fellow students, who form a lifetime network of friends and professional contacts. The relatively small size of the Undergraduate Program encourages students to get to know all members of their class and develop strong connections with faculty.

Beyond the Classroom

The Haas experience offers opportunities for personal growth beyond the classroom, including leadership development, career development, and close interaction with faculty and alumni. A number of programs support this design, such as global opportunities, case competitionsstudent organizations, and many more.