The cornerstone of the Haas Undergraduate Program is its distinguished faculty members and the high quality of their courses. At Haas, good teaching is a high priority.

The best proof of this is from Berkeley students themselves, who are asked to evaluate the teaching of their professors every semester. Over the past several years, about two-thirds of the Haas School faculty members have regularly earned the coveted “Club 6” status in their student evaluations—that is, their average ratings are 6 or higher on a 7-point scale.

Established Excellence in Teaching

In the classroom, faculty members emphasize both theory and practice by using a variety of teaching methods. Case studies, seminars, simulations, guest speakers, and group projects all facilitate the learning process. Classroom learning is enhanced by numerous opportunities to apply the lessons to real-world situations. Haas professors regularly integrate their research findings into new course offerings and reassess the Undergraduate curriculum to ensure its relevance in presenting current management issues. In their courses, Haas Undergraduate students benefit by being among the first to learn of faculty discoveries and by studying firsthand with the inventors of new theories and principles for management practice.