Although impossible to quantify, a Haas degree is incredibly valuable in today’s modern business world. At Haas, you will gain the knowledge and technical skills needed to navigate the challenging economic and societal issues of today as well as receive the essential experience required to make a sustained, positive impact. Business is the impetus that propels action and influences every aspect of society and culture. There are countless rewarding career paths including the well blazed trails of the traditional ABC’s and the ever evolving emprise of entrepreneurship. A Haas degree will allow you to explore every spectacular possibility of success and provide you with the tools, skills and connections necessary to impact change.

Our graduates and their careers offer the best proof of the quality career development we provide. 2023 graduates attained positions with an average starting salary of $100,000 and 89% of graduates accepted a job offer within 3 months of graduation. Others opted for graduate school programs upon completion of their undergraduate studies.