Advising Services

Note: November 27, 2023 – January 15, 2024

During the dates listed above, our office services will temporarily be adjusted. During the times and dates listed below, we will offer a Virtual Front Desk service, allowing you to have all the same services and support, albeit in a virtual format via Zoom.

Click here to join our Virtual Front Desk.

Virtual Front Desk Schedule

Please note our office will still be open during the week of November 27

Monday, November 27 Tuesday, November 28 Wednesday, November 29 Thursday, November 30 Friday, December 1
11am-12pm & 2:30pm-4pm 11am-12pm No Virtual Front Desk 2pm-3:30pm Office Closed
Monday, December 4 Tuesday, December 5 Wednesday, December 6 Thursday, December 7 Friday, December 8
10:30am-12pm & 1pm-2:30pm 10:30am-12pm & 2:30pm-4pm No Virtual Front Desk 10:30am-12pm & 1pm-2:30pm No Virtual Front Desk
Monday, December 11 Tuesday, December 12 Wednesday, December 13 Thursday, December 14 Friday, December 15
1pm-2:30pm 10:30am-12pm No Virtual Front Desk 1pm-2:30pm No Virtual Front Desk
Monday, December 18 Tuesday, December 19 Wednesday, December 20 Thursday, December 21 Friday, December 22
No Virtual Front Desk No Virtual Front Desk No Virtual Front Desk No Virtual Front Desk No Virtual Front Desk
Monday, January 1 Tuesday, January 2 Wednesday, January 3 Thursday, January 4 Friday, January 5
No Virtual Front Desk No Virtual Front Desk No Virtual Front Desk 1pm-4pm 1pm-2:30pm
Monday, January 8 Tuesday, January 9 Wednesday, January 10 Thursday, January 11 Friday, January 12
1pm-2:30pm 10:30am-12pm & 2:30pm-4pm 1pm-2:30pm 10:30am-12pm & 2:30pm-4pm No Virtual Front Desk

To Contact an Advisor by Email

  • For questions regarding admission to the Undergraduate Program please email [email protected]
  • Business majors, please use the contact email address on CalCentral under “My Academics” and “Advising.”

Advising Appointment Attendance Policy

When you make an appointment, we set aside that time specifically for you. Only schedule an appointment that you can attend, as no-shows and last minute cancellations prevent us from assisting other students.

  • Canceling appointments: If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel your appointment in advance online or contact the advisor by email.
  • Late arrival: If you know you will be late to your appointment, please notify the advisor by email. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment and have not notified the advisor, the appointment will be canceled and you will need to re-schedule another appointment.
  • “No Show” Policy: If you miss two or more appointments with an advisor without providing advanced notice, the Department reserves the right to cancel any future appointments.

Campus Resources

University Health Services

Self Care Tips Video (University Health Services)

UC Berkeley Basic Needs Center

Student Learning Center Virtual Tutoring Services

Off Campus Internet Access

Student Technology Equity Program (STEP)

Recreational Sports Online

Haas Advising Resources

We are pleased to provide you with access to advisors, career counselors, tutoring, career events, along with countless student organizations. The goal of the Undergraduate program office is to provide you with resources and opportunities to achieve your academic and career goals.