Student Government & Organizations

Our Haas student government and sponsored organizations offer important services and activities for undergraduates. Each organization offers students a unique service or caters to a particular professional interest within the broad field of business. We value the co-curricular activities and experiential learning provided by our sponsored organizations.

HBSA Student Government
A Voice for the Haas Student Community

The Haas Business School Association (HBSA) is the official undergraduate student government of the Haas School of Business. Under the support and guidance of the professional staff of the Undergraduate Program Office, HBSA works to enhance the undergraduate experience and advocate for the needs of the student body. It serves as an advisory body and represents all students enrolled in the Haas Undergraduate Program. HBSA’s goal is to promote activities that benefit the Haas community, students, faculty and staff. More information about HBSA, including information about their weekly newsletter service is available at

Haas-Sponsored Student Organizations

Haas-sponsored Student Organizations are comprised of 16 diverse groups, which are organized for students and by students of the Berkeley Haas community. From the consulting clubs to banking clubs, and from ethnic organizations to environmental and social impact clubs, these organizations represent the variety of options available for student involvement while at Haas. Our current list of Haas-sponsored student organizations is here. Any general questions or requests concerning Haas-sponsored student organizations should be directed to the HBSA DAC Chair at [email protected]. For all other campus organizations not listed above, please visit the Campus Life and Leadership Groups website at: