EGAL is dedicated to educating Equity Fluent Leaders™ to ignite and accelerate change. As part of this mission, EGAL developed a case compendium that includes: (a) case studies with diverse protagonists, and (b) case studies that build “equity fluency” by focusing on DEI-related issues and opportunities. The goal of the compendium is to support professors at Haas, and business schools globally, to identify cases they can use in their own classrooms, and ultimately contribute to advancing DEI in education and business.


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In addition to developing the compendium, we conducted an analysis of the case studies collected. The results are documented in:

The State of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Business School Case StudiesExecutive Summary

The State of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Business School Case StudiesFull Report

See our published article, The State of DEI in Business School Case Studies, in the Journal of Business Diversity (DOI: 


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The case compendium is used and featured on the Case Centre website. The Case Compendium and published EGAL case studies are also featured on the Berkeley Haas Case Series website. See a collection curated by EGAL of select cases with AAPI protagonists on Harvard Business Publishing website.