What is the Professor Pledge?

The Professor Pledge for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Business School Cases is a commitment from professors at business schools globally to utilize and advance case studies with diverse protagonists and cases on topics related to DEI.

If you are a professor at any business school, take this Professor Pledge to:

  • Support inclusive curriculum material
  • Advance the sense of belonging among diverse students and better equip them for success
  • Join us in building a more equitable educational environment and business world


What am I pledging?

  1. I commit to seek out and, where possible, use cases with diverse* protagonists.
  2. If and when writing case studies, I commit to prioritize using a range of diverse* protagonists. 
  3. I commit to using language in my cases and class discussions that does  not discriminate against historically marginalized groups or perpetuate harmful stereotypes and norms.

Note: Even if only 1-2 of the commitments above are relevant for your particular position, we encourage you to still take the pledge!

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* We define diversity as incorporating the wide variety of shared and different personal and group characteristics among human beings (including but not limited to Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Ability, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Socio-economic Status, etc.). We use “diverse” purposefully as an umbrella term to refer to groups of people with a wide variety of characteristics. Identities besides White, cis, heterosexual men have historically been underrepresented as protagonists in business school case studies.