Corporate Collaborators

Picture of Salman Taj

Salman Taj

VP Innovation, Head of Ericsson ONE, Americas, Ericsson

Picture of Mallik Tatipamula

Mallik Tatipamula

CTO, Ericsson

Challenge Description

  1. Research 5G network capabilities and use cases or applications that need 5G capabilities
  2. Identify top three use cases of 5G backed by data indicating customer need and traction including but not limited to Metaverse technologies
  3. Study potential business models that could be successful as new applications and models emerge
  4. Provide possible opportunities for Ericsson and how 5G can unlock opportunities that were otherwise not possible
  5.  Identify how monetizing 5G will create value for the entire Ericsson ecosystem

Squad Team

Rishi Banerjee

Rishi Banerjee

Product Manager

Master of Analytics, College of Engineering

Profile picture of Akhil Venkatesh

Akhil Venkatesh

Product Manager

Data Science & Economics, College of Computing, Data Science, and Society

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