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Profile picture Theo Taisei Chiba

Theo Taisei Chiba

MBA 23, Fujitsu Innovation Challenge

“The Innovation Challenge enabled me to solve a branding issue for Fujitsu, a large global company from end to end, similar to what a management consultant or corporate strategist would do.

We clarified issues, narrowed the scope, conducted extensive research, ideated, and presented recommendations that would significantly enhance the company’s brand and operations.”

Profile picture of Brandon Chan

Brandon Chan

BA, Economics 23, Ericsson Challenge

“Berkeley Open Innovation Squad contributed greatly to helping me secure a job after college. My experience working on the innovation challenge gave me real world skills and experience that I leveraged during my interview and in my role.

Also what makes the Berkeley Innovation Squad unique is the opportunity to make an impact and to take initiative.”

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Practical Experience

We leverage industry-leading methods to help companies address business challenges.

World-Leading Brands

We collaborate with world-leading Fortune 500 brands to address real business challenges.

Diverse & Creative Team

We build cross-functional teams of remarkably talented students to make an impact.

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How it Works


Apply to our program and join a cross-functional team


Teams are assigned a specific business challenge from our corporate partners


Under the guidance of experienced faculty and industry mentors, you'll work to understand and address the challenge


Learn and apply open innovation concepts, business model canvas methods, and strategies used by multinational enterprises & startups


Present the final product with your team to the Berkeley Innovation Forum