Core courses

The 12 core courses (21 units) that all full-time MBA students take ground you in the fundamentals of business and provide essential knowledge and analytical tools.

The Fall semester of your first year consists of two seven-week modules:


  • MBA200S Data and Decisions (2 units)
  • MBA201A Microeconomics (2 units)
  • MBA205 Leading People (2 units)
  • MBA200C Leadership Communications (1 unit)


  • MBA202 Financial Accounting (2 units)
  • MBA203 Finance (2 units)
  • MBA206 Marketing (2 units)
  • MBA207 Ethics (1 unit)

The Spring semester of your first year includes 4 core courses taken in 7-week modules, as well as 2 or 3 electives, which typically in a variety of 15-week, 7-week, 10-week or 2-weekend formats.


  • MBA201B Macroeconomics (2 units)
  • MBA204 Operations (2 units)


  • MBA299 Strategic Leadership (2 units)
  • MBA200P Introduction to Design Thinking (1 units)



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