Viewing Study.Net Materials in bCourses

In order to view Study.Net materials in bCourses, students must change their default email address in bCourses to their @berkeley email address. Students are enrolled in Study.Net courses with their @berkeley email address.

Accessing Course Materials

Material Formats

Add/Drop Period for Electives

During the add/drop period for electives, you are welcome to access up to 8 EWMBA courses (listed on Study.Net) at one time. However, you must manually add new courses to your Study.Net course list as there is no direct link with the Haas registration system. Once enrollments are finalized, you will loose access to any courses you manually add.

Please follow these steps to access a new course:

  • After login, click the link Purchase or access materials in a new course.
    Purchase or Access New Courses
  • Click the desired course name, then click “Add to Cart.”
  • You will be prompted for a course password. The standard password for all EWMBA courses is “bears.”
  • Printed course readers (i.e. TEXTPAK) can be ordered once the add/drop period ends and enrollment has been finalized. EWMBA students can order one optional TEXTPAK at no charge for each of their officially enrolled EWMBA courses.
  • If you want to remove a course from your Study.Net course list during the add/drop period, please email


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