EWMBA Program Office Team


General Contact Information
S440 Student Services Building,
Haas School of Business
[email protected]
Summer 2024 Hours
Team Working Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Physical Office Open
Mon-Thurs 11:30AM-6:00PM
F: Closed (All Staff Remote)
Saturday: Closed

Leah J. Rozeboom (she/her) – Executive Director
Academic Advisor
[email protected]

Leah strategically manages the EW team to support curricular planning, major event coordination, and guidance to students, enhancing the overall Haas experience for part-time working professionals. This involves collaboration with student leaders, Haas lifecycle partners, UC Berkeley Partner programs, and key external stakeholders.

A proud alumna of the University of Northern Iowa, she earned her BA in Communication Studies and Family Services and a Master of Arts in Education. Her career and other family adventures have moved her from the Midwest to California (twice!) where she can enjoy the sunshine, forget winter ever existed, and spend time strolling outside.

Avni Kansara (she/her) – Director of Student Experience
[email protected]
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Avni focuses on the student experience for EW students and partners with them to successfully navigate their MBA program. She also oversees the Signature Events (WE Launch, WE Innovate, and WE Lead) as well as student experience initiatives and programs. Avni is a Bay Area native and in her spare time she enjoys writing fiction novels and spending quality time with her nephews and the rest of her family.

Justine Roades (she/her) – Director of Academics
[email protected]
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Justine manages the Academic side of the house and works with the Academic Advisors to navigate the EW students through the Haas/Cal systems and student life in order to provide a holistic program experience. She oversees the academic curriculum including the expansion of online electives and international opportunities.  Justine grew up in nearby Santa Cruz but has moved across the country a couple times and been a working professional while in grad school. When she is not working she can be found trying a new coffee shop, going to Pilates, or traveling to visit friends.

Jason Choi

Jason Choi (he/him) – Associate Director
Academic Advisor

Joining the EW Team in July 2024!

LeAnne Do Photo

LeAnne Do (she/her) – Associate Director
Academic Advisor
[email protected]

Joining the EW Team in June 2024!

Hannah Fischer, Ed.D. (she/they) – Associate Director
Academic Advisor
[email protected]
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Hannah advises EW students on how to make their time here at Haas as successful and beneficial as possible. They also coordinate the core EW curriculum. Hannah recently finished her Ed.D. in Racial Justice Education. They grew up in the Midwest and most recently moved to the Bay Area from Spokane, WA. Hannah enjoys reading memoirs and hiking with her partners and her dog.

Bria Watson

Bria Watson (she/her) – Associate Director
Academic Advisor
[email protected]

Joining the EW Team in June 2024!

Luisa Guzman Gomez (she/they) – Assistant Director of Events Planning & Operations
[email protected]

Luisa is your dedicated guide for crafting unforgettable experiences in EWMBA’s student programming. From organizing engaging events to fostering a sense of community, they are here to make your time at EWMBA truly special. With roots in the vibrant culture of Colombia, and nurtured in the diverse community of California’s Central Valley. They are passionate about infusing creativity into our community. Beyond work, they find joy in Latin dancing, hiking, and exploring artistic expressions. Nature and creativity are their constant inspirations. Let’s create lasting memories together at EWMBA!

Patte Hochkeppel

Patte Hochkeppel (she/her) – Flex Program Manager
[email protected]

Patte is a pivotal member of the EW team specifically supporting the Flex scheduling option in all student experience, program updates, events and operations. She works with the EW Student Experience team to keep things running smoothly, and create an ideal environment for diversity, equity and inclusion. From the East coast Patte has made the Bay Area her home. When not working she can be found in her home studio creating sculptural ceramic pieces, and enjoying the California sunshine.

Mika Burstein (he/him) – Program Manager
[email protected]

Mika is a key contact for Evening and Weekend MBA students, faculty, and program leaders. He provides assistance for program updates and scheduling, as well as supporting Signature Events throughout the year. Mika is also the lead on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming to help foster inclusivity and community. In his spare time, he loves spending time with family, reading, and attending live concerts of his favorite artists.