Here are a few important points to keep in mind when planning your academic schedule for your degree:

  • The Full-Time MBA Program considers 8 units as “full-time” status. The 8 units can be a combination of Haas and non-Haas units.
  • On average, students can enroll in 12 to 14 units each semester to meet the valid 51-unit graduation requirement.
  • In any given semester, Full-Time MBA students can enroll in up to 16 units of MBA classes.
  • Dual-degree students must enroll in the number of required MBA units according to their degree requirements.
  • Students should meet with their academic advisors to discuss their academic plans. Review Academic Advising & Support for contact and appointment information.

Core Courses

During the first two semesters of the Full-Time MBA program, students are automatically enrolled in their core classes with their pre-assigned cohort. Students attend these required courses on the assigned days and times with their cohort throughout the first two semesters of the Full-Time MBA program. The cohorts are Blue, Gold, Axe, and Oski.

Fall & Spring Elective Courses

First Semester

Students have the option to add a 1-unit MBA elective to their schedule if they have a full schedule of 13 core units in their first Fall semester. Keep in mind that adding an elective is an option, not a requirement. This FAQ page is geared toward students who are still interested in exploring a 1-unit Speaker Series or Elective.

Students who waive out of core courses can sign up for MBA electives according to the number of units they waive for the semester. For more details, review the FAQ sheet for First-Years who waived out of Fall core courses.

Second Semester

Students are enrolled in 7 units of core classes during their first Spring semester. Students have the option to enroll in up to another 6 units of MBA electives.

Students who waived out of Spring core courses may enroll in additional units, but no more than 16 units total for the semester, to replace the units they waived.

Third and Fourth Semester

Students can enroll in up to 16 units of MBA electives by the end of the add/drop period.

MBA Course Enrollment Process

MBA course enrollment for MBA students consists of two phases –bidding and add/drop. The MBA Bidding and Add/Drop processes are done through OLR. It is important to note that the deadlines of the FTMBA processes are separate and distinct from the main UC campus deadlines.

Bidding is Phase 1 of the overall Haas enrollment process. Bidding occurs at the end of the current semester and has two rounds for students to enroll in their next semester’s courses. During this phase, all students should aim to build their full schedule for the following semester.

Add/Drop is Phase 2 and takes place at the start of each semester. During this phase, all students can add and/or drop eligible MBA elective courses to finalize their semester’s schedule. Students will not be able to add or drop courses after the Add/Drop period concludes.